About Us

Western New York Environmental About our team

With over 50 years of combined experience in the water treatment industry, our team of hard working professionals brings a passion for the health benefits and taste of filtered water. Being in the industry for many years has allowed our team to become fully trained and educated on what makes a high-quality, long-lasting, fully-certified water filter products that performs day in and day out without the need for expensive service.  Assessing your water issues is our specialty at Western New York Environmental Consulting Firm.  We have the resources necessary to provide a premium experience within the water treatment industry. We specialize in water purification and water conditioning both for municipal and private water treatment needs. Our approach enables us to create customized water filter solutions ranging from commercial water treatment to all aspects of whole home and point of use drinking water filtration. We also offer a full-line of customized water systems for the home and commercial applications. Want to talk to a real person? Our customer service team is based in Amherst New York and we’d love to help you. You can call us Monday to Friday 10 am to 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. We’d love to chat and answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call at 1-844-207-32552.  We are standing by ready to serve you and fulfill all of your water treatment and drinking water filter needs.


Our Core Values

1.  Honesty and Integrity
We’re passionate about delivering a high-quality product. Our commitment to honesty and integrity means we’ve been able to build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, because we always do what we say we’ll   do and our quality products perform.

2.  Health
Our water filters provide our customers with a healthy alternative, save them money and make them feel good. Because not only does Western New York Environmental filtered water taste, smell and look better…it’s better for our teeth, it’s better for our health…and it’s better for our  environment.

3.  Loyalty and Relationships
We’re proud of our longstanding relationships with our customers, suppliers, distributors and installers and we’re not interested in high pressure selling.

4.  Quality
Our filters are the highest standard and independently certified to industry standards. Quality products, independently certified at the highest possible level by NSF International (which sets industry standards for water filtration systems for meeting strict guidelines for health and aesthetic qualities) and watermark certified, which provides validation for quality and integrity. Our customers keep coming back because they know our products work well.

5.  Service
We pride ourselves on our dedicated customer support centre which is located in our Amherst New York USA office and services our network of customers, installations, distributors and retailers. All our support staff have their own customer base, so not only are you talking to a real person… you’re talking to somebody who knows you.

6.  Taste
Okay, so it’s not really a ‘value’, but our customers and staff all agree that Western New York Environmental filtered water tastes so good, once you try it you’ll never go back to tap water. All of our staff use our filters and people who have never before enjoyed drinking tap water become converts once they taste our filtered water.

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Feel free to contact us here at Western New York Environmental Consulting Firm by calling toll free 1- 844-207-3252.